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Place of origin: China
Delivery time: 10-15days
Terms of payment: by T/T or L/C at sight

basketball dunk game online twisted yarn is formed by direct roving twisted processing and assembled by several sing-end strands. The spool usually use milk-bottle bobbin. It is widely used in weaving and other industrial application.

Basalt twisted yarn1
Basalt twisted yarn2

■ Weave cloth and tape that are resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature.
■ Basic cloth for needle mat production.
■ Basic cloth for electrical insulation boards.
■ Sewing thread yarn.
■ Woven fabric that chemical-resistant.
■ High grade insulation material, like motors, electrical appliances, electromagnetic wires.

Monofilament diameter / um


Linear density / tex


Twist direction


Twist of yarn / twisting/m


Number of twisting


Resin compatibility

Epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester resin

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