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Tennis Racket Size for Kids Based on Age - Simple Guide

A trick you can use to determine if your child’s current racket is the right size is to compare the racket length with the height and dimensions of your child. Have your child hold their racket against the ground vertically with the end of the handle against their palm. Make them press the racket head straight against their shoe.

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The following is the guideline for racquet length based on the child’s height: Under 35″ in height – 17″ racquet. 35-39″ in height – 19″ racquet. 40-44″ in height – 21″ racquet. 45-49″ in height – 23″ racquet. 50-55″ in height – 25″ racquet. 56-61″ in height – 26″ racquet. YouTube. Merchant of Tennis.

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Tennis Racket Length, Kids - Size Chart

Tennis Racket Length, Kids Tennis is a fun game - for both adults and kids! But to make tennis as easy as possible for kids, it is important that they use right sized rackets.

How to Choose the Right Size Tennis Racquet for a Child

But in children’s tennis racquet the grip size is 4 inches, which is almost the same in all kids tennis racquets. There are some kids for whom these 4-inch grip size would be either too big or too small. In such a scenario, you can make adjustments in grip size. For instance, you can add on an overgrip if the racquet grip size is too small.

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In general terms, each length corresponds with an age group; however, if your child is either very tall or very short for their age, you will want to take that into account when selecting the correct racket size. Up to 8 Years Old. 17-inch, 19-inch, and 21-inch rackets are very lightweight and made with young muscles in mind.

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While the above chart can help serve as a good guide, there are some additional things to consider when selecting the right size. Testing racquet length. One common method used to test the length of a racquet for kids is to first have your child stand nice and tall. Place the tennis racquet you have selected next to their side with the head resting on the ground and the racquet handle pointing upwards towards the sky.