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High School Volleyball Rules, 2020-2021 Rule Changes

If weather is extremely hot and humid early in season, high school volleyball rules permit officials to wear black shorts. The officials uniform consists of all white collared polo shirt, black slacks, solid black athletic shoes, and black socks. Reason the change...High school volleyball rules no longer require officials to wear striped shirts.

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High school volleyball rules require the server to start behind the end line. Servers must stay behind that end line until after they hit the ball. This means that the serve must be out of the server’s hand before they can cross the end line and rejoin the game. This can be tricky for servers who like to take a few running steps before the serve.

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High school volleyball rules have undergone several changes recently, which make it more akin to international or college play. In the past, scoring in volleyball has been based on individual points. Now, scoring is on a point system, which means that a point is earned every time the volleyball ball lands on the court, no […]

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Object of the Game The object of the game is to win the match. Volleyball game rules for high school volleyball Match A match is won by the first team to win 3 out of 5 games. Depending on the state, some high schools still play the best 2 out of 3. As soon as a team wins 3 games, the match is over. Game A game is played to 25 points, the first team to 25 wins. Games must be won by at least 2 points.

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Middle and high school players cannot attack the opponent’s serve from in front of, or behind, the attack line if the ball is entirely above the top of the net, according to volleyball rules. University and FIVB players cannot attack the opponent’s service, when the ball is in the front zone and entirely higher than the top of the net.

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Answer: NFHS 2-2 "a ball striking the ceiling or an overhead obstruction above playable area shall remain in play provided the ball contacts the ceiling or obstruction on the side of the net extended that is occupied by the team that last payed the ball, and the ball is legally played next by the same team."

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6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row. Maximum of three hits per side. Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit) Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve. A ball hitting a boundary line is "in". A ball is "out" if it hits...