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Tennis Court Dimensions & Measurements

Below are some important guidelines to help you correctly measure your tennis court. Size of a Tennis Court (Standard) The minimum suggested length of a tennis court is 120 ft. and the minimum suggested width is 60 ft., giving 7,200 sq. ft. (minimum) of total area needed for a single one court.

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Areas of the Tennis Court. Length of Service Box: 21 ft / 6.4 m. Width of Service Box: 13.5 ft / ...

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Measuring 78’ (23.77 m) by 36’ (11 m) for doubles or 27’ (8.2 m) for singles, tennis courts have an overall playing area of 2,808 ft2 (260.9 m2). To ensure the safety of the players as they chase balls outside the court boundaries, a clearance space of 21’ (6.4 m) should be provided beyond the baselines and 12’ (3.66 m) for the sides.

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Ideal for Action Tennis, Volleyball or as a Basketball Court. 0. 45′ X 75′ Multi-Game Court. Ideal for Action Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball or as a Basketball Court. 0. 50′ X 100′ Multi-Game Court. Ideal for Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball or as a full-sized Basketball Court. 0. 30′ X 60′ Multi-Game Court.

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Along with the red balls, players can also use sponge balls which are both oversized, about 75% slower than a regular adult tennis ball, that give beginning players time to prepare for the shot and add a big swing without being afraid to missing deep. The court size that the red balls should be used is a small one (36 feet long).

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Court size: Tennis courts measure at 60’ wide, 120’ long, whereas pickleball courts are ...

Tennis vs Pickleball: Major Differences - Updated for 2021!

While many pickleball matches are played on tennis courts, pickleball courts have their own unique dimensions built for the sport. The dimension of a pickleball court is 13.41m x 6.10m whereas the dimension of a tennis court is 23.77m x 8.23m. In the image below, you can see the difference in size.

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When laying out the court, it is ideal to allow adequate space outside the end and side lines for player movement. For this reason, we recommend the full court (including out-of-bounds areas) measure at least 24’ x 54.’. If space permits, a 30' x 60' space is considered to be an ideal size to allow the most athletic level of play possible.