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Battery Operated Lobster Tennis Machine Troubleshooting

Battery Machine Troubleshooting. Lobster Sports knows it can be frustrating when your ball machine isn't working like you expect it to. Lobster tennis machine troubleshooting information can be found in your owner’s manual and in the videos and PDF guides on this page. If you need further help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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My Ball Feed is Not Working Server Motor Issues � (When your server wheels become loose or are not spinning, 3 or 4 Green Flashing Lights) I have a Top or Bottom Server Motor Error Message Elevation Issues � (When your elevation or trajectory is not moving up or down) My Elevation is Not Working Sweep Issues � (When your horizontal oscillation or sweep is not moving left or right, 5 Flashing Green Lights)

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Elite Troubleshooting Instructions - Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

under or in between the throwing wheel inside the machine. Turn the machine off and look inside. If you see a jam, turn the machine on and raise the elevation to free the ball. Then turn the machine off and remove the trapped ball. Be sure that any time you are looking in the machine the power is off and the server wheels are not spinning.

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Lobster elite 2 tennis ball machine repair wheel ball jam. Lobster elite 2 tennis ball machine repair wheel ball jam.

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Machine does not run: Begin by checking if the reset button has popped. If so, push it down after investigating the cause of the problem (most likely balls preventing the propulsion wheels from turning). Carousel does not turn: Check that the feed rate is not set at 00 and that the machine is not on pause. You can try to turn the carousel by hand (gently).

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We have a long history of servicing nearly every brand of tennis ball machine including: We stock parts for all these brands and can return your machine back to working condition regardless of manufacturer. NOTE: For years we have been the only supplier of Match-Mate replacement parts. While we try to maintain the best possible inventory of Match-Mate replacement parts, it is important to remember that the machine has not been made for nearly 20 years, and therefore, there are some parts we ...

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HelloIt sounds like there is a build up of material on either the ball throwing wheels (decreasing the overall velocity and causing the balls to stick in the tube) or a build up in the actual tube. From the manual, it recommends against using new tennis balls in the unit as this directly contributes to the debris build up on the ball throwing wheels.

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1) A ball is stuck in the machine. Remove the ball before resetting the button. If you don’t see the ball between the throwing wheels, look in the front corners of the machine. 2) The ball throwing wheels are excessively dirty or slick. This prevents the wheels from properly grabbing the ball.