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In tennis, a grip is the first layer that wraps the handle or handle of a racket. Therefore, it is the first layer that is in direct contact with the handle or handle of our racket. In other words, it is the tape that wraps around our grip once we buy a new tennis racket.

Tennis Grips | Types of Grips Explained & Illustrated

History of Tennis Grips. In the early days of the sport, the continental grip dominated. Wooden racquets strung with natural gut strings were the norm, and up until 1974, three of the world’s biggest tournaments were played on grass, including Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the US Open.

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Holding the racket like a tennis racket with an even 4 finger grip. The squash finger grip differs from a tennis grip in that it is neither a flat, tight or full hand grip on the racket. It requires the racket to be largely held & controlled by your thumb & forefinger with the remaining three fingers supporting the racket grip, as the butt of the racket rests in your hand.

Tennis Overgrips vs Replacement Grips - Which is The Best Option?

However, the grip on your tennis racket also needs to be changed too…..and it might be more often than you think. If you find the racket slipping out of your hand when you’re playing, then it doesn’t matter how good your racket or strings are, you’re going to start missing a lot of shots because your grip needs to be replaced.

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Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes | How-To Guide With Chart & Visuals

A tennis racquet’s grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle, including the pre-installed stock grip, ranging from 4 inches to 4 3/4 inches. There are eight available grip sizes within that range, which start at 3 7/8 inches or a size double zero and increase by 1/8 inch for each size up to 4 3/4 inches for a size six.

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Replacement Grips vs. Overgrips. Below we’ll take a look at the difference between replacement grips and overgrips. Replacement Grips. Whenever you buy a new racket, the grip that it comes with is a standard (or replacement) grip. These are thicker than overgrips and have adhesive running along the whole grip securing it to your racket.

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The grip shape A is most commonly used and is used by Wilson and HEAD (their new grip shape called TK82S). The top and bottom bevels are a bit longer. Please keep in mind that Angell Tennis calls the flat-topped “A” and the Wilson standard grip shape “B”, which can create some confusion.