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CALF MUSCLE STRAIN CALF MUSCLE STRAIN Diagnosis ‘Tennis leg’ is an incomplete rupture of the inside of the calf muscle (Figure 1 and 1a). It is a typical tennis injury that often occurs in players in the 35 to 50 age group. This muscle injury may occur as a result of a sudden contraction of the calf muscles, for instance during a sprint.

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It sounds as though you have a “tennis leg” which is a name given to a calf strain in the mid to upper area of the calf in the muscle belly itself or at the muscle tendon junction. It usually happens on the medial or inner side of the calf. Like any muscle strain, it can vary in severity from Grade I (mild muscle pull) to Grade III (complete tear).

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From standing starts to sprints, then being forced to make abrupt direction changes – tennis is explosive in nature. This puts high strain on a player’s calf muscles. ROB BRANDHAM explains why this is a common injury in the sport.

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Initial Treatment for Tennis Leg 1. Protection. Protect the calf muscles by avoiding activities that require stretching, pulling, or placement of weight... 2. Rest. Rest also comes in the form of protection by resting the leg and avoiding the use of calf muscles. 3. Ice. Ice packs or compresses ...

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A calf strain, commonly known as tennis leg involves a tear or partial tearing of one or more of the calf muscles causing pain in the back of the lower leg. The Calf muscles are made up of the gastrocnemius and plantaris muscles which originate just above the back of the knee and the soleus muscle which originates just below the back of the knee.

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What you’ve just experienced is known as “tennis leg,” which is a tear of the medial head of the gastrocnemius–or the calf muscle. It is not a tear of the Achilles and it generally does not need surgery. Sports medicine used to think tennis leg was due to a rupture of the small muscle in the back of your knee. Not true.

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Tennis leg commonly occurs in players that range in age from 35 to 50 years old. This muscle injury may occur as a result of a sudden contraction of the calf muscles, for instance during a sprint or acceleration to reach a shot, a sudden change of direction, or during push-off in the service motion.

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Date. The term Tennis Leg refers to an acute medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle tear in the older athlete characterized by sudden onset of severe calf pain and significant disability. The injury is invariably associated with extensive bruising and swelling, and can be mistaken for a deep venous thrombosis.