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Effect of ball size on player reaction and racket ...

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of ball size on reaction time (from ball projection to initial racket movement), movement time (from ball projection to ball-racket impact), mean rectified acceleration and vibration frequency of the racket during the impact phase (100 ms duration after ball-racket impact) of the tennis volley.

Biomechanical Analysis of the Tennis Volley

• The average reaction time (from ball release to the instant a player’s racquet began to move) for the different stroke conditions ranged from 205 to 226 milliseconds. • The stroke times (from initial racquet movement to ball impact) demonstrate that skilled tennis players could complete a volley successfully in under 0.4 seconds.

5 Drills to Improve REACTION Time - YouTube

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Train Footwork and Reaction Time! - Volleyball 2015 #34 - YouTube

Karen Paxton, head coach at Katy High School in Texas, improves her players’ ability to chase down and defend balls by using tennis balls. This drill will no...

4 Ways to Improve Your Reaction Speed | ACTIVE

Reaction speed is one of the keys to playing great tennis at a higher level, where the balls fly much faster. Quick reactions are also important at all levels of tennis doubles, where there are ball exchanges at the net when players volley at each other at shorter distances. If your reactions are fast, you'll have more time to: Get to the ball

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Fast Reaction Time. Local tennis clubs are big on clinic drills in a new and fun form of cardio, "Cardio Tennis." Fast-action drills will have you moving the entire drill to music. Improve your volley and burn lots of calories at the same time. Medicine ball tosses with your trainer or tennis partner also help eye/hand coordination and reaction ...

The death of Serve and Volley - TennisPlayer.net Forums

The serve was more valuable than volley reaction time. So equipment changes killed off serve and volley. Top players like Djokovic use frames that only weigh about360g.

Improving Anticipation In Tennis

There are two distinct ways how good anticipation improves reactions and the whole game: 1. The player anticipates opponent's shot / tactic and prepares the right response (or possible responses) in his mind a split second before opponent hits the ball. Thus when the opponent does play the shot the player reacts immediately. 2.