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Who wins the rest of the match : This bet refers to who will win the rest of the match from the time of placing your bet. Once your bet is placed the scores technically become 0-0 even if one team is winning at the time.

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The "Rest of the match" bet is offered only for live events. It refers to the result of the rest of the match, calculated from the moment of bet placement. That means that we imagine the score at the moment of bet placement is 0:0. For the settlement of the bet, only goals that are scored after the moment of bet placement are relevant.

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07 Feb 2016, 19:30. Who wins the rest of the match is not literal to t. I predicted who would win the rest of the match but i lose, how?? I was advised that it had terms and conditions.. I.e if both teams score 2 goals from when your team leads it doesn't matter wheather your team wins or not. Going forward specify this to the clients as it can be interpreted in a literal sense.


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Who Wins The Rest Of The Match: This market treats the match as if it was 0-0 from this point. EG if the current score is 2-1 and the match finishes 2-2 then the correct settlement of this market will be the away team winning 0-1.

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Who wins the point? Every effort should be made to provide singles sticks for a match that is played on a doubles court so that this situation does not occur. If it does occur, the player who hit the shot wins the point because the entire doubles net and doubles posts are respectively the net and the net posts for this match. (Rule 13)

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In abandoned matches, any player who has already assisted at the time of abandonment will be settled as a winner. If the named player does not take part in the match, bets on that player will be void. If the player takes any part in the match, bets will stand. [Back to top] To Assist 2+ Goals

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The team that scored the most boundaries during the main part of the match will win the game. This ignores any boundaries scored during the super over. The umpires shall conduct a count-back from the final ball of the super over. The team with the higher scoring delivery is the winner.